English Class Outside

I invite you to imagine yourself here. Set on a farm in central Vermont, the Mountain School is a place of intellectual energy, stunning beauty, spontaneous play, and unrelenting honesty. If you are looking for an authentic education among friends who truly want to learn, this program is for you.

The adults here have faith in the ability of young people—when trusted and mentored—to shape their own experience. Students and faculty meet together every day. We identify challenges and solve problems. We listen to each other and plan our time together. We are looking for students willing to use their intellects, voices, and hands to help run this school and farm.

You will share this place with forty-four other curious and motivated students from all over the country. Together you will come to know this place well—the forests, the gardens, the animals, the night sky. Your time here will last four months; the friends you will keep for the rest of your life.

-Alden Smith, Director